Impact of Timely Response using Data:

Having trouble with delayed responses to customer feedback? Concerned about your overall customer retention rate and your business’ reputation? In order to maintain customer loyalty and retention, it is crucial to respond to customer feedback in a timely manner. A quick response to feedback can help customers feel their opinions matter and are being heard.

About 62% of companies struggle with timely response; in fact, they don’t even respond to customer feedback at all. The companies that do respond have an average response rate of 12 hours and 10 minutes. What if you were to cut this time down to 12 minutes versus 12 hours? How do you think your customers would view your business’ customer service then?

A survey done by American express showed that “60 percent of customers feel their concerns are not being addressed by businesses” and “89 percent of people” take their business to the competitor after experiencing poor customer service.

It can be difficult to fully assess customers’ concerns due to the fact that 91 percent of customers won’t provide feedback when they are unhappy because they don’t feel their feedback is being heard or worth the time. This is related to response time; if there was an immediate response to customer feedback, 81 percent of those surveyed noted that they would provide feedback.

Timely response is also important on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 67% of customers go to these platforms for customer service. Slow response times or ignoring customer feedback can be truly harmful to customer loyalty. It has been shown that failing to respond to customers on these platforms can result in at least 15% of customers taking their business elsewhere. Whereas, engaging and responding to customers on social media platforms can result in customers spending anywhere from “20-40% more”.

Ford Blakely stated it perfectly in his article “How to Improve Your Customer Service Response Times”, “There are many ways you can engage with customers and show them that you care. However, few are as effective or important as providing great customer service. When done right, good service leaves customers feeling happy, turning them into loyal advocates and preventing against churn.

While “great” service is comprised of a lot of things, speedy response times are a crucial component. Customers today are used to getting what they want quickly. They can have packages delivered in two days; their groceries are on their doorstep in an hour — it’s easy to understand why they expect their customer service interactions to be just as fast.”

It is important to note, to not only respond to negative feedback, but also to positive feedback. Positive feedback is essential in understanding what the business is doing right and what practices should be continued.


A Few Tips for Improving Customer Service Response Time:

Here are some tips that could help your company improve response time to customer feedback:

  1. Establish a standardized set of practices for how to evaluate and answer various responses such as product deficiencies or poor customer service experiences.
  2. Prioritize which responses should be handled first. Do you want to handle more complex issues first or start with the easier problems? What would ensure the most efficient use of time and promote a quicker response overall?
  3. Assign the responsibility of responding to customers to someone or multiple employees. Track how long it takes them to respond to ensure these employees are fulfilling their responsibilities.
  4. Not all feedback will require a personal response; although it is a nice touch. There are cases in which an automated response is acceptable and will increase response time.
  5. Have multiple channels for response such as text message, email, social media message, phone call, etc. This allows the customer to respond in a channel that’s the most convenient for them.


Real Time Survey Solutions:

How does your business respond to a customer inquiry or feedback currently? Who is in charge of responding? What is the priority level you place on responding back to customers? With RavenCSI’s online survey software a manager can receive customer feedback alert in as little as 10-15 seconds so they may respond to this feedback in a timely manner. Our organizational hierarchy logic tool allows you to measure and categorize actions taken by leaders when positive or opportunity feedback is shared by customers or patients. Our action tracker allows you to track the cycle time from alert to response or action taken. This can increase accountability and allow you to see additional opportunities for improvement in response time. The RavenCSI’s technology & team can even build and manage the real-time survey solution accountability system for you. Putting RavenCSI’s real-time survey solution software to use in your business could improve your overall customer service experience, possibly exceeding the needs and expectations of your consumers; helping you to retain loyal customers and give you an edge up on your competitor.


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