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To Spend Time Developing Surveys Only to Have Low Response with Limited and Inaccurate Feedback

Take our 3-min EX Success Survey

We care about people enjoying work

That is why we help leaders improve the employee experience - which will also improve company performance.

Better employee experience makes it easier to attract & retain top talent, and attain higher engagement, productivity and customer loyalty.

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“Our response rate jumped from 21 to 63% with our first survey using RavenCSI.”

– Candace Hassinger, MS, SPHR, Nemacolin Director of Continuous Improvement

21% Better Response Rate

Hear from more employees about their experience

Higher Response, Better Data

Make your action plan count

60% More Feedback

Each Response captures 2-dimensions: Emotion + Intensity

Greater Experience Insights

It’s not just what they think, but how they feel that matters

2-4X More Commentary

Providing greater insight into the employee experience

Greater Survey Engagement

Enables leaders to quickly pinpoint how to elevate employee experience

50X More Effective

in Predicting Negative Behavior

Real Time Alerting

Respond immediately to upset employees

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